21 Day Challenge



Need to get back on track?

Nearly everyone I know has started their fitness journey at one point and has had to stop in the past for all different sorts of reasons. What we call “Life happens”  The hard part is getting started again, you say to yourself “I’ll start Monday” but Monday comes and your not ready so it becomes next Monday.

I have been there myself and know plenty of members who have had this cycle happen to them too, so we decided to put together the 21 day challenge to help kick start you, get you focused and on track!


So what is the 21 day challenge?

I want to show you that in just 21 days you can start to feel good physically, reduce bloating and stop heavy feeling in your stomach, lose body fat, drop cm’s from your waist and stomach, increase your fitness and set yourself up for success!

Our challenge will include:

  • Nutrition plan and recipe guides for the 21 days. Two different versions, one for the time poor members and one for the picky eater.
  • Training plan with exercise demonstrations, designed for both in gym or at home.  2 days a week for 30min a day. easy and effective.
  • Bootcamps once a week to push you that little bit harder. You always push harder in a group and the #BodyWizardsTeam will support you every step of the way!
  • Cardio plan to help get you moving, burn the fat while not overloading the body with to much exercise. Train smarter not harder.
  • Educational guides to help you understand the Why behind the Body Wizards methods, we teach you so you can keep doing it without us.
  • Motivation & Support. We want to see you get the most out of this, so we help to keep you supported, motivated and accountable.
 Price: Standard package including everything above
$21 for 21 Days
On the weekend leading up you will receive a email pack with everything you need to know, (We will send out everyone’s pack together so we can start as a group)
Your pack will include your plan of attack for the full 21 days.
This will include your Link to the App and full details how to do your first check in.
Your Training plan with links to our yoga sessions and exercise demos if you need extra help, your nutrition plan including your recipe guides (two different choices), portion control guide to make sure your eating the right amount for you and also our information guides to cover all the finer details.

Lets have a look at what we do in the Challenge.

  • It’s only 20 min a day
  • Weight and Measurement check in at day 0, day 10 and day 21.
  • Weight or Home based Training 2 times a week for just 20min.
  • Cardio 2 times a week just 20min, walking on weekends.
  • Sauna or Yoga at home or in gym once a week.
  • Clean eating with 3 meals a day and fruit snacks for 21 days.
  • Tracking your Steps, Your Hrs Slept and your Water each day.
  • Uploading photos of your Meals to the App. 

Personal Training Complete Package

Do you want the extra help, accountability and guidance? 

Our Personal trainer package includes 2 pts each week of the challenge to help you with your weights technique and push you through your sessions.

We aim to help you step outside your comfort zone in a safe and structured way to help you get the best results possible from the challenge. 

Times are flexible for the pt sessions from early morning, mid morning and evening. We can always find a time that suits each person.

Our Head trainer Mandee has been helping people with their weight loss goals for yrs and loves helping new people find there way in the gym.

To choose the Personal Trainer Complete Package just click the drop down box once you have registered and click the package. 


If you have any questions please post them on the forum. Facebook Forum
Price: Standard Package $21 for 21 Days
Personal Training Complete Package $199