Stress will affect your life and your results.

If you are 15 or 75 all you need to know is high levels of stress will affect you both mentally and also physically. 

The team at Body Wizards are here to help you succeed not just in your fitness journey, we want to help you live a healthier happier life as well. When we see people held back by stress it generally leads to long term health conditions because at the end of the day your body can not recover at full capacity when you are stressed out.

We come across the app called Headspace from some good friends of ours at Muscle Nerds during one of there workshops and fell in love with the app straight away. Put together by Andy Puddicombe at he has covered all the bases and made a wonderful tool for anyone to use to help relieve anxiety, help you get to sleep and of course help lower your stress levels.

Head over to Headspace and download the app today, you will be amazed how much a 10min session each day will help reduce your stress or anxiety and also improve your training and willpower! 

Thanks Body Wizards Team