From Lauren.

“Since I was young, my weight and eating has been my biggest struggle. Yo-yo dieting was very much my thing and always left me in a worse off position because I didn’t know how to maintain the short term results I’d gained. Body Wizards Weightloss Program is a realistic lifestyle program that has empowered me to make informed choices about my food and exercise that is truly sustainable. I learned more about my own body in the program than I had my entire life!

I’ve gone from having an obsession with overeating and food, no energy and no confidence, to sleeping amazingly, losing 7.4kg (so far) and feeling better than Beyoncé in a Bentley

My body has responded incredibly well to training smarter, not harder with the right kind of fuel and the great support I received not only from the trainers but from fellow Body Wizards members!

I am so excited to continue being the best version of myself I can be thanks to Body Wizards” 

From Morgan.

“I couldn’t have done it without this program. Not only do Body Wizards help you achieve your goals in the gym, they help you reestablish your long term habits out of the gym. I never needed to count a single calorie, I ate copious amounts of food and redeveloped a mindset that will never let me slip again. Their coaching, support and expertise has been a life changer.”

From Hayley.

“Before the program I didn’t know what diet even was, I never stuck to a diet , I excised every now and then but I was eating food for fun not because I was hungry . I never liked the person I saw in the mirror I hated myself , clothes never looked nice on me and some days I didn’t want to leave the house Because i couldn’t find anything I liked to wear .

This program changed my life it started in November and after 16 weeks I lost 79.5cm and 20kg it was so hard for me because I’m always around food being a chef but this program helped me understand things about my body that I didn’t even know and I had the support I needed and I made some new friends along the way .. I can’t wait to continue my weight loss adventures

From John.

“Until I joined this program I had never been in a gym, I have worked hard physically, played sports and did some running.

Thought I was fit-ish but carrying a few extra kgs.

My goal was to lose 10 kg and strengthen.

When I finished I had:

  • Results -15kg gone 
  • Stronger and fitter 
  • Gym savvy.  It’s not a scary place anymore 
  • Healthier and educated.”

Body’s & Booty’s Transformed into Body Wizards Weight Loss Program.